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“Feel Sexy And Confident
When Our Fat Vaporizing
Bootcamp Program Helps You
burn up to 15lbs Of Fat
In Just 14 days!”
With Our Unique Blend Of Four Proven Fat Loss techniques
into one amazing workout, Fat simply doesn’t stand a chance.
Hi my name is Ditanyon Demps and I know how bad you want to FEEL amazing, LOOK amazing and finally have a toned body that you can be PROUD of. Sure we’re all getting older, but no woman wants to LOOK or FEEL older – No way.

At the same time, you also don’t want to look like a starved stick figure model, or a bulky body builder either…

Hey to each his own, but to most of us, big and bulky just looks well… Not hot.

What IS hot is a healthy, energized athletic body with sexy curves. Just take a look at popular celebrities like, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles.

Thanks to Ditanyon,
Amanda is now full of self-confidence!!

“Ditanyon did a complete over hall on my view and execution of a healthy lifestyle. With trainers before Ditanyon I grew very frustrated because I did all they asked and saw no results. I didn’t know they were just walking me through the motions of a mediocre work out. Ditanyon helped build self confidence to try different work outs, meal plans and activities to get me where I need to be. There was never a duplicate work out or dull moment in our sessions. With strong attention to detail he would work his way through my meal history. He would text me words of encouragement while I was on vacation to help me stay on track. Ditanyon also changed my expectation of a work out. I still take other classes and try the new fads, but often they leave me feeling unchallenged and bored. Ditanyon has been there through many changes in my life wedding, pregnancy, and post pregnancy, the whole way customizing the work out to fit me, not his next client or the one before, just me. Thanks to him I am light on my feet and comfortable in my own skin, which is really the ultimate goal.”

Amanda P.
Joanka lost 6 inches around the waist!!

“I love sport but I was never good at any sport or very athletic so when I started the Ditanyon’s classes, I was skeptical about the result that I could achieve. I was so happy to find out that Ditanyon has a creative training style, always made class fun and made you feel welcome. The most important thing was that he pays attention to my specific needs and I learn so much from him. The results were not late – I lost 20lbs and 6 inches around the waist! I’m now back at my perfect weight and I so happy to fit into my old pair of jeans. I’ve never felt so good before and I’ll not stop training with Ditanyon. I told to my sister and she is hooked to the training too!

Joanka. S”
Thanks to Ditanyon, Nikki now feels she can accomplish anything!

“Ditanyon has revolutionized my training program. As both an avid weight lifter and figure model, I have the knowledge and experience to put together balanced workouts, but I am always faced with the challenge of designing totally different and enjoyable workouts. Ditanyon makes my workouts as challenging as I need it. Ditanyon has a way of combining different circuits and exercise to help me see results with each workout. He truly makes me feel like nothing is unobtainable and my goals are defiantly in reach. He has become not only my trainer but my counselor. Whenever I find myself short on time I know I can go to the gym and still get an amazing workout with the tools Ditanyon has taught me. Training with Ditanyon you will never feel like you’ve wasted a workout again.

Nikki K.”
Patricia lost over 40lbs in less than 4 months!!!

Ditanyon makes it fun to work out and eat right! He is inspiring, motivational, dedicated and caring!! All you have to do is talk to him and you can see that your health and well being are really important to him. A phone call is all it takes if you are having a difficult time or need to be motivated. He tells you what you need to do. But you have to be committed as well. Ditanyon gives you all the tools to make a life commitment change. He will be there every step of the way with you. He will remind you of all the reasons you listed for wanting to be a better person and live a long healthy life, but you must be as dedicated.

Patricia D.
Drea has never felt better!

“Since following Ditanyon’s fitness & nutrition regimen, I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I have developed a renewed interest in healthy living & understanding of the importance of exercise. Ditanyon’s immense knowledge of fitness, nutrition & body mechanics has made a significant difference in the way I look & feel. Ditanyon challenges my body & has a wide array of exercises which eliminate boredom & test my overall endurance & strength. In addition to increased strength, my mental acuity has vastly improved which allows me to push past my comfort zone & into the True Fit zone- where real results are achieved!”

Drea W.
Read what Veronica had to say after her amazing 20lb weight loss!!

“Before meeting Ditanyon, I often contemplated starting a workout regimen to lose weight and when I actually did follow a routine I found little success. I tried “eating better,” Pilates, yoga, even a personal trainer, amongst many other things. I lost a few pounds here and there but nothing substantial. That would eventually turn into frustration, then I would stop whatever I had started, and I would eventually find myself back at square one.

My readiness to begin yet another workout regimen led me to Ditanyon and I’m so happy it did! Upon meeting Ditanyon, I was able to quickly find motivation to get back to a healthier lifestyle. He assessed my needs and gave me the tools I needed to make good choices on my own. By attending Ditanyon’s bootcamp classes and personal training I was able to jumpstart my weight loss, which motivated me to eat better and stick to a plan.

Ditanyon consistently checked-in with me to keep me accountable and motivated. He was also there to answer any questions I had (at any time). I truly never felt like I was alone in my journey and I believe that made all the difference in the world. Needless to say, I have friends and family who immediately noticed the difference in me and are now asking to meet Ditanyon too. Ditanyon’s extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition has helped me find my way back to the body I had in my early twenties- a weight loss total of nearly 20 pounds! I am definitely more fit and in the best shape I’ve ever been at 29 years of age. For these reasons and many more, I recommend Ditanyon to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals.
Ditanyon is amazing!

Veronica O.”
Here is Joel’s story, one of Ditanyon’s greatest successes, who lost an incredible 115lbs!!!

“My work began with Ditanyon when I was almost 300 lbs! He created a program for me that almost immediately changed my life. His program is like others that involve good nutrition and exercise, but very different because it works and because of Ditanyon himself. Ditanyon is able to explain very clearly what you need to eat to lose weight and get fit and WHY. He is able to explain in a way that makes sense and makes you feel that YOU are in control.

Joel B. “
Doctors told Orly she would never lift weights again…then she met Ditanyon

“Ditanyon has been my trainer for the last 2 ½ years. Through Ditanyon, I was able to learn proper form to train and target different muscle groups and how to use the equipment at the gym. He is exceedingly knowledgeable of body mechanics, muscle function, and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. His training sessions are always intense but fun and my goals were addressed and achieved with great concern and supervision. After being involved in a car accident that left me with sever neck and back injury. I was told by doctors that I would never be able to lift weights like I did before the accident. Ditanyon helped me through my recovery period. He focused on strengthening my core muscles and the muscles surrounding my spine. Now I’m back in the weight room and in better shape then before my accident. I have had other trainers in the past but, their workouts soon become boring and repetitive. Ditanyon keeps my workout exciting and different each time. Ditanyon is an incredible trainer of tremendous versatility. He has a wonderful sense of humor and his attitude is inspiring and a joy to be around.

Orly A.”
Ronit feels better than she did in high school!!

“My schedule was such that I did not have a lot of time to workout. Over time, I noticed I was gaining weight and losing muscle. This is when my sister introduced me to Ditanyon. She assured me of his abilities and convinced me he would be able to help me even with the limited amount of time I had available to workout. Ditanyon reminded me of the importance of self care and eating healthy. Ditanyon’s workouts are intense and effective. In our 30 minute sessions, I was able to reach my goals and feel better than I did in high school. Ditanyon’s positive attitude motivates you to work harder and reach your individual potential. I am very glad I made the decision to train with Ditanyon. That decision has made all the difference!

Ronit A.”
Amy is thrilled that she decided to commit to Ditanyon’s workout

“To be honest I really don’t love working out. But Ditanyon motivates me and keeps me interested in coming back week after week. He is ALWAYS in an upbeat mood and loves what he does which makes it a pleasure to work hard!!!! He keeps our workouts interesting and always gives me nutrition and fitness knowledge during our hour. He knows exactly what my capabilities are. It’s funny because whenever I try to say that something is too hard, he can tell if my body REALLY can or can’t do it, which never allows me to sell myself short. When I am reaching my limit Ditanyon is always there full of positive praise and support to help me push through. As hard as it is to get up and leave the house in the morning to workout, I always feel GREAT afterwards and am so glad that I’ve made the commitment to work out under D’s guidance!!!!

Amy S.”
In fact, I’m going to guarantee it or 100% money back.

“YES that’s a bold statement and YES, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and here’s the reason why…

I have stumbled upon something truly amazing. I call it my “Skinny Jeans” System.

It’s a new way of working out where you get twice the results in half the time (In fact you’ll feel the results after just 2-3 workouts).

One client who went through my “Skinny Jeans” System lost 14 pounds and
13 inches, and another, a stay at home mom, lost 12 pounds and gained
a ton of energy.

That’s why I’m stepping up by offering a 100% money back guarantee, the question is, are YOU up for the challenge?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to see how this amazing new system can help you
achieve the body you deserve?

But let’s be completely honest and think about how many times you’ve said you were going to get in shape and didn’t?

• How many times have you said you are going to eat better and you didn’t?
• How many times have you seen others losing weight and wondered why it couldn’t be you?
• How many excuses have you come up with in the past months why you shouldn’t do it today?
• How many times have you let life, family and friends distract you from what’s really important….YOU?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to see how this amazing new system can help you
achieve the body you deserve?

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to achieving after becoming a member:

• Toned Physique - For sexier more eye-catching muscles!
Faster Metabolism – Increase your muscle tone becoming fat burning furnace!
Improve Self-Confidence – Once you see and feel the difference in the way you look and feel!
Great Environment - People love it here because of the fun family environment Tru Fit provides! 

And I’m stepping up by offering a 100% money back guarantee, are YOU up for the challenge?

Then take advantage of my special internet offer and my no risk super confident 100% money back guarantee today by clicking the button below or calling 818-345-5377


“My soon to be truly fit friend, I believe that as long and you take action and are committed to letting that sexy new you shine, then I believe with my program you simple cannot fail..

Lisa recommends Ditanyon to all her friends…and you will too!!

“When I met Ditanyon 3 years ago I told him I was serious about working out and making changes in my body. I wanted a trainer that would make it fun and keep me from getting bored. I needed someone who could address the issues I had with my knees and other injuries from years of gymnastics. Ditanyon was able to work around my inability to jump and still make my workouts as hard as I needed them. He is always one step ahead of me. I would come to my workout ready to tell him we need to work legs and before I could tell him my thoughts he would show me the leg routine we would be working on that day. What I liked so much about Ditanyon in our first meeting, was that he really listened to me and heard what I was saying. That has never changed. He pays attention to the slightest detail.

Ditanyon works out hard himself; he sets a good example for me to follow. I respect him as a trainer because he can do all the things he has me try. I know when I am being pushed to achieve my goals that I am not alone because he is also pushing himself in his own workouts. He always moves me forward in my workouts safely and has helped me become stronger than ever before. He has the ability to see what I am capable of doing even when I can’t see it myself.

I have emailed Ditanyon and said, ” I’m about to eat something to push me away from my goal”! He always answers back quickly with wonderful words of support which help me immediately. He has extensive knowledge of nutrition which I love talking to him about. He helped me rethink my entire diet and helped me build an eating lifestyle. I have referred many of my friends to train with Ditanyon. They all Thank me and then we have our,” Isn’t Ditanyon the best trainer you ever had conversation”! Ditanyon has become one of my dearest friends and I could never imagine training with anyone else.

Lisa B.”
Check out Suzanne’s wonderful weight loss and confidence gaining story


“My seventeen year old son lost 50 pounds in four months working with Ditanyon. At that time, I was at a very low point in my life. At 51, with an ‘empty nest’ fast approaching, I started a catering company and quickly gained 50 pounds. I was depressed and had aches and pains everywhere, some were becoming debilitating.

I was feeling unbalanced, fearful and out of control…

I made an appointment with “D”, which turned out to be a truly life-changing experience. In five months, not only have I lost 40 pounds, I feel strong, fit, centered and energized. With his constant support and guidance, I went from a person who hated exercise and avoiding it at all costs, to someone who looks forward every day to going to the gym to see Ditanyon, work out and share a lot of laughter. We have so much fun and he has become a major part of my life. I will be forever grateful for his kindness, his compassion, his humor and his friendship.

In fact, my physical and mental transformation as a result of our work together, inspired six of my male and female friends to sign up with him too. They are thrilled with their results. None of us has any plan to stop; it is that much fun.

Call and schedule a conversation with him today; you will not regret it.

Suzanne F.”


So, pamper yourself… You work hard… You owe it to yourself. Just Do It!!!

Consider this: You can only get the benefits and the body you deserve by taking action right now.

YOU CAN DO THIS! You can make my Tru Fit Formula work for you. Just let me prove it to you over the next few days by calling 818-345-5377 right now, or click here to see our special internet offer.

But hurry, space is limited and let’s face it, 30 days from now you will be one month older and maybe a few pounds heavier… Or… You can treat yourself to a little me time in a few days you can already be feeling the difference…don’t you deserve it?


With Ditanyon’s help, Lazara deservedly looked wonderful at her wedding


“I was clueless when it came to working out before I started training with Ditanyon. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to loose weight before my wedding. My son was a few months old and I thought I would never loose the baby weight. I had never used weight training as an option to loosing weight. Ditanyon’s skills and knowledge helped me not only drop the pounds quickly, but also get great muscle tone and definition (something I had never noticed on my body before). What helped me most was Ditanyon’s high level of energy and he always had a great new workout for me every week. My goal was 10 pounds; well Ditanyon helped me surpass that goal. I lost a total of 21 pounds! Not only that but I also gained the knowledge of what dedication to your workout and a good diet means.

P.S. At my wedding before I even heard congratulations everyone was complimenting me on how fit and toned I looked.
Thank You,

Lazara P.”
Kayvan needs no more convincing, and you won’t either!!


“Ditanyon is the only trainer I trust that can get me some serious results. He helped me put on about 12 pounds, with 6 pounds of muscle within about 2 weeks! He knows so much about everything that matters – from diet to the right type of exercises to get my body type results. He rocks and I’d follow him anywhere!

Kayvan M.”
Sabrina lost 23lbs. and had a great time doing it!!


“Before I started working with Ditanyon, I was working out at my local gym. I had a gym membership but I rarely had the motivation to go and I wasn’t losing weight. When I found Ditanyon, I immediately was attracted to his drive and he somehow made me want to work out and be healthy. I was so happy with how caring Ditanyon was and I could tell that he wanted me to be fit just as much as I wanted to be. He was very attentive and I really enjoy his creative training style. The classes are always so much fun! He has a wealth of information on nutrition.

I lost 23 lbs. working with Ditanyon and I have a new outlook on life. I know how to eat properly to keep the weight off and stay healthy. I just love training with him and I will never stop. He is always using new and innovative techniques that far exceed any gym membership or video that I could purchase. I will definitely refer anyone that wants to lose weight to try TRU FIT BOOTCAMP.


Sabrina S.”
Ally can now fit into jeans she bought 5 years ago!!!


“Before I started TFB, I wasn’t very active. I did a little bit of walking from time to time, but it didn’t really help me to get in shape. I decided to try out the TFB because I heard some really good things about it, and I’m so glad I did. Ditanyon’s classes were so friendly, motivating and fun. He had a wonderful caring approach, paid attention to my specific needs and had a creative training style so things wouldn’t get boring. He was knowledgeable and gave me great information on nutrition as well!

I’ve been to TFB for about a month now, and I’ve lost about 4 inches around the waist! I found a pair of my old jeans from 5 years ago, and I can fit into them again! TFB has turned my life around and I will never stop training with Ditanyon. I highly recommend TFB and Ditanyon to anyone who is looking to get into a healthy, active lifestyle and have fun along the way!

Ally C.”